By maintaining your swimming pool and equipment properly  you can prolong the life of your pumps, tiling, cover, heater, sweeps, and all your precious swimming pool equipment. Unless you are experienced, it may be a major burden and eat up a tremendous amount of your time. Time that could be spent with your family and friends relaxing by the pool enjoying the sun. Instead of wasting your precious time trying to learn how to deal with pool equipment and chemicals, hire our competent pool equipment repair services to handle it for you! We can also provide you expert advice on the best equipment to buy for your specific pool.
Pool Filter Cleaning
Pool filters are essential for maintaining your pool water crystal clear and free from any bacteria and other debris. Do you have a noisy swimming pool pump? Debris and dirt accumulating in your pool? Water heating problems? If you have malfunctioning equipment, then you need an expert. We have experienced pool repair experts that will diagnose and repair faulty pool equipment. If the equipment is beyond repair, we will supply and install the best brands of new pool equipment. We also install, reset and repair pool automation systems. Better pool equipments means that we can bring your monthly electricity bills down by installing energy efficient, pool equipment and products. Visit our pool shops to find a wide range and selection of green energy pool equipment such as sweeps, pumps, lights, pool covers and a lot more.
We are an asset for testing your water and giving you the best method of maintaining your pools chemicals. Contact us for any pool cleaning services and equipment.